Support For Your App

You can contact support by Live Chat, email, blog comment or call 817-996-9832. In order to get your issue or question resolved as quickly as possible you can follow these easy steps to collect all the information needed by the support team. Note support is available M-F 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM CST. We will respond to email after hours when we can as needed. The name of application that you need assistance. ie iCattleMgr, iLivestockMgr The device(s) you are using, iPhone 5, etc. The version of the operating system (Setting\About\Version) The total memory on the device (Settings\ About\Capacity) The available memory on the device (Settings\About\Available) A snap shot of the “Intro” Screen (Press Home and Power momentarily) (takes a photo of the screen) A snap shot of the “System” screen A snap shot of the screen with the issue (if possible) A description of the issue. for example When selecting breed the picker has “No Data” Any other information that may be helpful. We just updated My horse tried to eat it If possible send a backup of any file in “File” manager screen with the name ending in sqlite. iLivestockMgr.sqlite for example. It is likely that the sqlite files will be too large to send via email and you may need to use a tool like PKZip or other common compression software to send via email. You can also use services like DropBox to share the files. Just share the file(s) with Make sure you backup your livestock data as described on You may also try to re-boot your device this often clears up issues. To do this first remove the app from background by double pressing the home button. Then press and hold the app in the lower band until it wobbles. Then press the red circle next to the app. Then restart the device by press and holding the power button and power the device off and then back on. Also check out the FAQ area in to see if your issue has a current work around. One final request... Before you place a negative review in iTunes, give us a chance to make it right. Most times issues are resolved with one quick email. As always your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated and valued. They are what we use to make the software better!