FFA Students & iCattleLite

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FFA Students are using iCattleLite in the classroom. iCattleLite has an educational provisional discount in iTunes. Details are located here. http://www.apple.com/ education/ipad/volume-purchase- program/ How to Enroll, Its quick and easy to set up your organization for volume purchasing. First, designate yourself or someone else in your organization as the Program Manager. Then you can sign up Program Facilitators, which will allow them to make purchases. If your institution is tax exempt, you will not be charged sales tax. The program also allows app developers to offer special pricing for purchases of 20 apps or more. How It Works, Buy apps and books Through the Volume Purchase Program Education Store, your institution’s Program Facilitators can purchase apps and books in volume, using a credit card, PCard, or Apple Volume Vouchers. Shop for K-12 Shop for higher education Or call 1-800-800-2775. Get and distribute codes After making a purchase, Program Facilitators receive a unique code for each app or book. Codes can then be distributed to students, teachers, administrators, or anyone at the institution who will be using the apps or books. Visit the Volume Purchase Program Education Store Redeem codes Once they have their codes, end users go to the iTunes Store to redeem them. They just enter the code and download the apps or books to their devices. Redeem codes.