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iCattleMgrPro and iLivestockMgr About

Livestock Management Series (LMS)

iSimpleTypeApp the IOS Mobile Development branch of RG3Resources was founded in October of 2007 with a mission to deliver high quality easy to use applications. The company locally owned and operated in Colleyville TX, initially focused on fitness and healthcare utilities. We soon found ourselves involved in the rapidly developing agriculture and livestock management application genre. The first of the series was iCattleMgr, (formerly named iCattleLog). Originally built as a prototype for a co-worker to replace a handwritten log book that he kept in his front pocket to keep track of his show cattle.

When version 1.0 was released in iTunes we quickly realized that there is a dire need for applications like this for the agriculture industry. The response was exciting, we received numerous request for enhancements and struggled to keep up with demand. Because of this we realized the initial prototype design would not be flexible enough to keep up with request for enhancements. A standard architecture was then implemented and released with iLivestockMgr and later iCattleMgrPro and finally iCattleMgr was converted with an update. As we evolved and matured in the market three things became clear. First it needed to "Just Work”, second we needed to listen to our users and expand the LMS offerings based on what the customers wanted and needed, and third a pricing model that also allowed flexibility and expansion to meet any budget. With this understanding in app options were introduced to facilitate an a la carte selection of options for the lower priced offerings. We decided to always include a premiere version for each of the LMS domains, that included all the features at no additional cost and make it a value for those that selected them. In short iLivestockMgr, iCattleMgrPro and iHorseMgrPro always include all current and future options.

The iSimpleTypeApp Family

Founder/CEO -
Robert George Sr
Founder/CFO -
Tammy Renner George
Director -
Robert George Jr.
(Web Design & Graphic Art)
Director -
Victoria George
(Advertising & Media)
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